Swiss Recovery Center ... logo design process
I have recently worked on a project a recovery center for people with spinal cord injury. those kind of projects is really touching emotions.. I would like to explain the design process behind!
Like all logos I start with lot's of sketches to grab some lines and shapes (I love this part)
lot's of pages and try ... it's really a part of the process that I love.
Over All:
Lot's of tries with different slyles have been tested I gonna explain some of those.
Round Letters
First try before I went to discute with the client I juste try some tricks with the 3 letters SRC. ans the C has the shape of the Wheel on the Handycap sign.
After some research on the spinal cord. I found the "Butterfly" logo in fact a section of a vertebra. I love the idea not used a lot ... but maybetoo much like Honda logo
Spinal Wave
The wave of the spinal cord.
I love this one with the spinal wave maby to mutch medical.
the prossese
The Lion?
Sometimes the client has some ideas we have to explore ... I love also the logo but I like when you have a link between the logo and the thing ... and I don't find one on this one.
The center will take place in the fabulous "Lavaux" in Switzerland. ... butfinally it's will be too specific.
funny thing the font for the swiss recovery center is called Vevey à city in the Lavaux.
.I play around the mountain and the lac.. in the second I try to put the spinal shape.. I also try some stuff with the vines
and one special font hand made looking.
The Square won!
The one was this ... A square wit behind all the concept of the center " help people with spinal cord injury to stand UP" I always try to keep the wheelchair thing but not too obvious. I hope it's working..
The work took life!
It's always so exciting when your work is on thing that are real!
 Next Step
I will be in charge of the website an other exiting project!
You can go the the 

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